Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Revised FPP?

What is the revised FPP ....

If the principle adopted in 9th BPS is followed this time also, new FPP (Fixed Personal Pay) will be the last increment in your revised scale plus D.A. as on 01-11-2012 (which was at 76.50% p.a.). So, the new FPP will be 1.7650 times the last increment in your revised pay scale.

Note :- 
Such employee who joined bank before 01.11.1993 are eligible for FPP. FPP contains the component of last increment before reaching maximum of the stage, Revised D.A. as on 01.11.2012 (i.e. 10.9%) and component of HRA as payable in accordance with area category. But only incremental component is considered for superannuation benefits (i.e. for PF Pension and Gratuity etc.)

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