Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Ref: 2015/184                                                  Date: 25.05.15
The Office Bearers/ Central Committee Members/ State Body Chiefs
Dear Sir
                RE: PROTEST DAY ON 25-05-2015
As per the decision taken, PROTEST DAY was observed and demonstration was organised at Azad Maiden, Mumbai on 25th May, 2015 in view of Zero Allocation for retirees in the settlement signed  and non- fulfilment of any of the promises in the settlement  made by unions for retirees.
2. It was attended by more than 2000 retirees from Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad etc despite very hot weather and very short notice for the programme The memorandum to be submitted to IBA registering protest against raw deal given in the settlement to the retirees was approved unanimously and signed by the retirees present in the rally.
3. In the afternoon the memorandum was handed over to the Chairman, IBA , Shri T.M.Bhasin in the presence of  other members of  managing committee. The Chairman asked CEO ,IBA to look into the memorandum. The delegation of AIBRF who submitted the memorandum was consisting of the President, Shri S.M.Deshpande, Vice Presidents, Shri D.A.Masdekar and Ashok Patil General Secretary, Shri S.C.Jain and Dy. Gen. Secy. Shri R.S.Desai
4. Thereafter, We held preliminary discussion with the CEO who assured that after going through the memorandum  the next meeting would be held with our representatives after some time.
                      With Regards
                                                        Yours Sincerely
                                                           ( S.C.JAIN )
                                                   GENERAL SECRETARY

We all endorse contents of the memorandum and append our signature for the same
SN       NAME                               BANK                            SIGNITURE

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